Free Friday (last Friday of the month)

If you’ve never tried Worthing Coworking before remember, the last Friday of each month is a free coworking day. Turn up after 9.00am pick a desk, make yourself a cuppa and get cracking.


Working from home is brilliant, and sucky, in equal measure. 

It’s brilliant because:

    • No more alarm clocks
    • No more commuting
    • Work in just your pants, no one will know!
    • Keeping your own schedule rocks!


It sucks royally because:

    • Home is full of distractions (that Xbox won’t play itself!)
    • Just the sound of your breathing makes your partner twitchy
    • You’re missing out on office banter
    • You can’t tell where work ends and home begins anymore


Why you should try coworking:

    • You will be joining a community of other freelancers, small businesses, start ups and roaming hot deskers, so you’ve got plenty in common
    • You don’t need to be a web developer, programmer or tech head to be a coworker. Anyone who can work from a laptop and a mobile phone can cowork.
    • Coworking means when you leave the office you leave work behind, just like the old days
    • You get to mix with other smart people who do different things to you, so there’s plenty of scope for sharing ideas, that’s part of what coworking is


If you’d like to come and give coworking a go, just turn up, anytime after 9.00am and pull up a chair, you will find us here:

4th Floor
8 High Street
West Sussex
BN11 1NU

Or, for more information please get in touch via any of the following:


Phone: 01903 231233

Twitter: @WorthingCowork